Different names for Man Boobs

Names for Man Boobs


Man boobs are known by many unflattering names – moobs, man-breasts, bumpers, headlamps, boy-knockers, mantits, wobblies, bazookas, moobies, chesticles, tipples, mannary glands, love lumps and, the ever-popular, “bitch tits.” Hopefully, that’s descriptive enough for you.


Apparently, they are a lot more common than we’d like to give credit for. Some of the studies claim that 60% of men either have them or get them (which is, I guess, the same thing). In 2005, The Sun newspaper printed an article called, “Moobies and Shakers” which outed  the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair who “showed off a rather unflattering set of man baps as he frolicked on holiday”.


The article continues with a “tit parade” of top moobs, showing off photos of Simon Cowell, Danny DeVito, Peter Stringfellow and, inexplicably, Iggy Pop.






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Your doctor and manboobs

Your doctor will in all likelihood take a fulll medical history and perform a complete physical exam. Specific checks related to your manboobs: Is one or both breasts affected? Your age and gender? Current medications being taken? How long have the symptoms of gynecomastia been manifested? Is the gynecomastia condition progressive in nature? What other symptoms are being […]

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Create a cardiovascular aerobic exercise routine.   Start an interval training routine consisting of cardiovascular physical exercise аnd weight training. This іѕ known as interval training and it boosts your fat-burning potential. Interval training assists уou lose man boobs as quickly aѕ probable, according tо the professionals at Ask Men.   Some оf thе most […]