Different names for Man Boobs

Names for Man Boobs


Man boobs are known by many unflattering names – moobs, man-breasts, bumpers, headlamps, boy-knockers, mantits, wobblies, bazookas, moobies, chesticles, tipples, mannary glands, love lumps and, the ever-popular, “bitch tits.” Hopefully, that’s descriptive enough for you.


Apparently, they are a lot more common than we’d like to give credit for. Some of the studies claim that 60% of men either have them or get them (which is, I guess, the same thing). In 2005, The Sun newspaper printed an article called, “Moobies and Shakers” which outed  the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair who “showed off a rather unflattering set of man baps as he frolicked on holiday”.


The article continues with a “tit parade” of top moobs, showing off photos of Simon Cowell, Danny DeVito, Peter Stringfellow and, inexplicably, Iggy Pop.











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