Different names for Man Boobs

Names for Man Boobs


Man boobs are known by many unflattering names – moobs, man-breasts, bumpers, headlamps, boy-knockers, mantits, wobblies, bazookas, moobies, chesticles, tipples, mannary glands, love lumps and, the ever-popular, “bitch tits.” Hopefully, that’s descriptive enough for you.


Apparently, they are a lot more common than we’d like to give credit for. Some of the studies claim that 60% of men either have them or get them (which is, I guess, the same thing). In 2005, The Sun newspaper printed an article called, “Moobies and Shakers” which outed  the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair who “showed off a rather unflattering set of man baps as he frolicked on holiday”.


The article continues with a “tit parade” of top moobs, showing off photos of Simon Cowell, Danny DeVito, Peter Stringfellow and, inexplicably, Iggy Pop.






Lose Man Boobs




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Lose Man Boobs

Eliminate Man Boobs Through Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Combat Man Boobs   Consume organic meat, fish and poultry. They will not contain any hormones, antibiotics or other growth stimulants. Consume organic vegetables and fruit grown without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Avoid processed fried foods, which can contain trans fats that encourage the production of oestrogen. Avoid […]

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Man Boobs – Surgical Solution

Man Boobs – Surgical Solution   Men now account for around 10% of all cosmetic procedures – in the past five years the number of men booking in for treatments is up by more than 300% These days it’s not just women who are prepared to go under the knife. A record number of ­ordinary […]

Man Boobs fatty tissue

The appearance of enlarged breast tissue in men can be either due to the true enlargement of actual breast tissue or as a result of fat deposited in the pectoral area of the chest. True enlargement of the gland tissue of the breast may occur as a result of hormonal fluctuations or imbalances. Breast enlargement […]

3 Tips to reduce man boobs

1 Limit your exposure to toxins This is such a challenging thing because it’s what  can be called a soft issue. We don’t see what we are absorbing or digesting and we cannot always see or feel the damage it can cause until it’s too late. As with aiding in prostate health, limiting your exposure to […]

Beer Man Boobs Link

Here’s some bad news for men who enjoy beer, especially IPA’s. A chemical found in hops can cause you to grow man boobs. Hops are the flavoring and stability agent used in beer responsible for its bitter, tangy flavor. IPA’s are especially hoppy, so they can increase your chances of developing beer breasts. The bad news doesn’t stop there. […]

IPAs Are Giving You Man Boobs

Not many people know this, but those hops in your favorite IPA are actually wonderful medicine for insomnia and menopause, thanks to their high phytoestrogen content. These same phytoestrogens, however, might be less desirable for men, as indicated by the common condition known among brewers as Brewer’s Droop. Yes, you read that right: Hops are giving men man […]

Ageing and Obesity Increasing Demands For Man Boobs Surgery

Ageing and Obesity Increasing Demands For Man Boobs Surgery   More and more men are getting something off their chest – their man boobs. Demand for “moob jobs” has soared 50% in six months. Male breast reduction, called ­gynecomastia, costs about £3,300 and is now the UK’s ninth most popular cosmetic procedure, says private healthcare […]

Boys with Man Boobs – ADHD drug side-effect?

The ‘ADHD Drug’ That Gives Boys Breasts Risperdal was pushed as an off-label ADHD treatment by Johnson & Johnson, according to a former FDA commissioner. But for years it came without a warning that it could develop breasts in prepubescent boys and girls. Risperdal, Johnson & Johnson’s big money antipsychotic pill, was their No. 1 product […]

कैसे आपका मैन Boobs के तेजी से छुटकारा पाने के लिए

अपने मैन Boobs के तेजी से छुटकारा–3 चरणों में अपने शरीर को बदलने के लिए कैसे यार boobs से छुटकारा मिल रहा करने के लिए सबसे लोकप्रिय दृष्टिकोण pushups के बहुत सारे और हृदयके बहुत कर रही है। यदि आप इस दृष्टिकोण की कोशिश की है, तो मुझे आशा है कि तुम्हें पता कैसे अप्रभावीयह वास्तव में है। अब मुझे गलत है, कार्डियो और pushups सपाट बाहर अपने सीने में एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा सकते हैं, लेकिन जब तुम सिर्फ इन दो अभ्यास पर अपने प्रयास का सबसे डाल दिया है, आप आसानी सेovertraining और परिणामों के रास्ते में बहुत ज्यादा हो रही बिना थकान, का एक बहुत अनुभव करअंत कर सकते हैं नहीं मिलता। मैन boobs के साथ ज्यादातर लोग इस छुपे हुए डर दिन के अंत में, सर्जरी, है कि वे कभी उनके यारboobs से छुटकारा मिल देंगे एक ही रास्ता है। यह है क्योंकि वे सभी गलत प्रकार के व्यायाम में प्रयास केएक बहुत डाल दिया है। वे आते हैं और कहते हैं कि बाहर, “अरे, मैं सब में इस प्रयास में डाल दिया है,मैं 2 घंटे एक दिन, 6 दिनों में एक सप्ताह 2 साल के लिए प्रशिक्षण दिया गया है और मैं अभी भीकिसी भी परिणाम, क्या देता है नहीं देख रहा हूँ?” लोगों का एक बहुत भी उनके छाती ही रहता है,जबकि नीचे slimming उनके शरीर के बाकी के अनुभव है। जब यह बात आती है आदमी को खोने के लिए देखें, स्तन, यह आप कितना व्यायाम के बारे में नहीं है क्या, कितना मुश्किल आप अपने आप को धक्का, या आप कितने घंटे के प्रशिक्षण में डाल। यह सब केबारे में प्रशिक्षण चतुर, है और… जाने कैसे खाने के लिए, व्यायाम और एक तरीका है कि तुलना में यह आपके शरीर के बाकी पर वसा अधिकछाती वसा जलने के लिए अपने शरीर को उत्तेजित करता है में रहते हैं। शुक्र है, इसका मतलब यह नहीं आप एक दैनिक आधार पर घंटे के लिए ट्रेन या खुद को भूखा और अपने सभी पसंदीदा खाद्य पदार्थों से बचने के लिए है। यदि आप एक अच्छा वजन […]